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A NEW performing arts company dedicated to providing the best of Scottish music & dance in a theatrical setting featuring a variety of options for your venue.

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"My family loved the show and my children are still talking about it! The show truly added to our vacation and heightened the kids’ interest in history and music!"
Aislynn Denny

"The show was fabulous! It reminded me of Riverdance but was even better in that it told the story of the Scottish heritage through songs, dance and instrumentation…..all superb."
Nora Elkind-Atkins

Past Shows

  • Fletcher Opera Hall Raleigh, NC
  • Joslyn Hall Moorehead City, NC
  • Fayetteville Tech Community College Fayetteville NC
  • Craven Community College New Bern, NC
  • The Harvester Performing Arts Center Rocky Mount, VA
  • The Turnage Theatre Washington, NC
  • The Bel Air Armory Bel Air, MD
  • Schlesinger concert hall Alexandria, VA
  • Appalachian Theatre of the High Country Boone, NC

The Show

This performing arts experience takes you on an enchanting journey through time and culture with the Highland Echoes show – a mesmerizing Music & Dance production designed to celebrate the enduring legacy and contemporary influences of Scottish heritage.

With the popularity of the hit TV show Outlander and the popular book series Harry Potter there is an increasing interest in Scotland's rich history, legends, and migration stories that have shaped our Scottish roots. 

The Highland Echoes gives audiences the experience of breathtaking dance routines, masterfully crafted melodies, and stunning costumes that evoke the essence of Scotland. Musical direction guide by Patrick Mangan, former Riverdance Musical Director, and accomplished fiddle player, the Highland Echoes show reignites the enchantment that once captivated audiences during the iconic era of Riverdance. Those with Scottish heritage are thrilled to have their traditions and culture displayed and celebrated in the Highland Echoes Show! 

The Show Music

In the enchanting realm of Highland Echoes, the echoes of Scotland's rich heritage come alive through the evocative notes and rhythms of a remarkable soundtrack. Crafted by the brilliant minds of Jennifer Licko, the illustrious winner of the 2014 Celtic Album of the Year, and Patrick Mangan, former musical director and fiddle virtuoso of Riverdance for over a decade, this musical masterpiece weaves a captivating tale that transcends time and borders.

The production and arrangement of the soundtrack were entrusted to the seasoned British producer and keyboard maestro, Bob Noble. Adding his expertise to the mix, the acclaimed Mike Paxman took charge of the mixing and mastering, ensuring that every melody and harmony resonated with impeccable clarity. Mangan, drawing from his invaluable experience with Riverdance, flawlessly recorded the fiddle parts, infusing the soundtrack with his unparalleled artistry. Accompanying this symphony of sounds, Cassandra Calo, a master piper, bestowed her ethereal notes upon the music, while the enchanting voice of Jennifer Licko breathed life into the heartfelt lyrics. 

The heartbeat of Highland Echoes pulses through the expert drumming and percussive rhythms created by the immensely talented Daniel Gohn, an esteemed international percussionist and drummer hailing from Brazil. With his vast knowledge and skill, honed through his role as a revered teacher at The University of Sao Carlos, Gohn brings a dynamic energy to the soundtrack, elevating the music to new heights.


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The Highland Echoes Show has a variety of sizes and options to choose from to meet your venue needs. The Educational shows and workshops made for the youth is a strong component of our organization. Please learn more about kid's shows here! We welcome block bookings!

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