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The NEW spectacular Highland Echoes show is our Scottish performing arts programming where we use Scottish Highland Dance and music to tell the story of Scotland's migration. All the legends, mystery, and history that surround the Story of the Scottish Diaspora.  This is our story and we express it the way those before us expressed their stories...through the arts.

"I want to give this show to the Scottish Diaspora community. They deserve to know that they belong and deserve the opportunity to feel connected through the most timeless and most effective form of expression - THE ARTS." 

Jennifer Licko, Executive Director and Producer

Highland Echoes Music

The History

With over 15 years of music touring experience, founder and show producer Jennifer Licko dreamed of featuring  Highland Dancers in a show with a storyline to connect audiences with Scottish heritage.

In 2018, with the encouragement of the Saint Andrews Society of North Carolina, Jennifer began the nonprofit Highland Echoes to give audiences what she knew they wanted....A Spectacular Scottish performing arts programming!

Highland Echoes featured 4 Highland dancers performing with a live band of award-winning Celtic musicians. The dances were choreographed by Highland Fitness instructor and dancer Sandra Gribbin. The music was written by both Jennifer Licko and Patrick Mangan from Riverdance.

The small yet mighty show was a success. Up and down the United States Eastern seaboard, Audiences had 5-star reviews for the band, the dancers, and the show itself.

During the planning stages of the 2020 tour, the Pandemic of Covid-19 hit, and everything came to a halt - Everything except for Highland Echoes. The video footage from past shows were edited, and new footage recording to share the stories of every dancer and musician in the show. That video was premiered live in 2020 via YouTube and Facebook, reaching thousands of new fans.

In 2021, the planning for the NEW BIG SHOW began. Fling Together Collective worked on dancer recruitment, while new music,  choreographies, costume designs, and scene looks were under construction by the artistic team.

The New Highland Echoes show premiered in July of 2022 at the Appalachian Theatre in Boone NC featuring over 26 Highland Dancers and musicians. The show was a success and is already scheduled to return in 2023!

The Mission

We believe we can inspire audiences to become more involved in their own Scottish heritage with the Highland Echoes show. Young audiences may start Highland or Step dancing classes.  Others may see that they can explore the options of playing the Bagpipes or find their passion in Celtic music. The show reminds us that we are all connected through the arts and it's the arts that help keep our traditions thriving. Audiences are provided a pathway to explore their heritage and find their Clans or local Scottish organizations.

Scottish Highland Dance

"The tradition, stories, language, music. The feelings the voices and instruments invoke are amazing. Learning about the historic past and the strength of the people gives me a shared pride and humble heart."

Brenda Feutz

"Excellent performances and music selection. Truly enjoyed the experience and show."

Nicholas Davidson

"A perfect blend of music, song, dance, and education of the vanished Highland culture. Slightly reminiscent of Riverdance and Lord of the dance but far more informative as explanations and origins represented to the audience."

Christopher Gummer

"Excellent entertainment . . . warmed the heart of a Scot!"

Doreen Livermon

“Amazing show! We love to explore and expose our kids to culture and music, and this show seemed like a great opportunity. I just didn’t expect the vibrant, exquisite talent from the musicians or the lovely, brilliant dancers.”

Christina Robeson

Sponsor Support from Clans, Societies and Businesses

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