"The tradition, stories, language, music. The feelings the voices and instruments invoke are amazing. Learning about the historic past and the strength of the people gives me a shared pride and humble heart."

Brenda Feutz

"Excellent performances and music selection. Truly enjoyed the experience and show."

Nicholas Davidson

"A perfect blend of music, song, dance, and education of the vanished Highland culture. Slightly reminiscent of Riverdance and Lord of the dance but far more informative as explanations and origins a represent ed to the audience. "

Christopher Gummer

"Excellent entertainment . . . warmed the heart of a Scot!"

Doreen Livermon

The Performers

Meet our team of musicians and dancers!


Bill Caudill


Daniel Gohn


Patrick Mangan


Bob Noble


Jennifer Licko


Patrick Doocey

Sandy Gribbin

Sandra Gribbin

Meghan Stangl

Megan Stangl


Erin Bartow


Clare Christensen


“Amazing show! We love to explore and expose our kids to culture and music, and this show seemed like a great opportunity. I just didn’t expect the vibrant, exquisite talent from the musicians or the lovely, brilliant, dancers.”

Christina Robeson

Our Generous Donors

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