Highland Echoes The Show

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The NEW spectacular Highland Echoes show is our Scottish performing arts programming, where we use Scottish Highland Dance and music to tell the story of Scotland's migration. All the legends, mystery, and history surround the Story of the Scottish Diaspora. This is our story, and we express it the way those before us expressed their stories...through the arts.

"I want to give this show to the Scottish Diaspora community. They deserve to know that they belong and deserve the opportunity to feel connected through the most timeless and most effective form of expression - THE ARTS." 

Jennifer Licko, Executive Director and Producer

Act 1

Celebration Of Scottish Culture

The show begins with a Celebration of Scottish cultural arts with an international group of Highland dancers and musicians.

Scottish Culture


During the Calling of the Clans, we Honor the tradition of preserving and carrying on the family name.

History & Legend

We then go back in time to recognize the history of Scotland. The performances portray the intensity of the witch trials, the battle of Culloden, and Flora MacDonald's assistance with Bonnie Prince Charlie's escape.

Scottish Waulking
Highland Dance

Leaving Scotland

The first Act ends with the brave and painful acceptance that life in the Highlands changed and finding a new home for many Highland Scots was necessary.

Act 2

Transition to New Lands

Sailing vessels used to migrate to the Americas were massive machines made primarily of wood, canvas, and rope. They required a lot of skill and coordination from the whole crew to operate. We portray, through dance, the tasks on board the ship, which often required many men to pull on a rope or work a lever on a windlass simultaneously.



North Carolina Immigration

The first organized immigration of Highlanders to North Carolina came in 1739 when 350 people from Argyllshire journeyed to Wilmington and up the Cape Fear River to settle in what became Cumberland County. We celebrate how the music they brought with them influenced what we know as bluegrass music today.

Nova Scotia & The Hector

The dangerous and miserable journey from Scotland to Canada aboard the Hector changed the face of Nova Scotia.
The show features the legend of the piper who came aboard the ship without paying his fare. Everyone on board offered to share their rations and make space for him because they needed his music to keep them strong on the journey.

Argentina & The Symmetry

Scottish settlers emigrated to Argentina in 1824 on a ship called the  Symmetry. The Captain was Samuel Smith, and there were 220 Scots on board.
We recognize Argentina's Scottish heritage with a Scottish-style Tango.

The Echoes of the Highlands Everywhere

The Highland Echoes show ends with a celebration of our Scottish cultural connections. We continue to hear the echoes of the highlands and honor it through our traditions, food, language, music, dances, and even our beliefs.

The Highland Echoes show was just so absolutely wonderful. I didn't want it to end. Wonderful dancers, the music and singing and arrangements, you couldn't beat it. It should be a Grammy nominated. It is in a class of its own. 🙂 Jennifer should get Grammy production award as well.

Eric Ferguson

"The tradition, stories, language, music. The feelings the voices and instruments invoke are amazing. Learning about the historic past and the strength of the people gives me a shared pride and humble heart."

Brenda Feutz

Fantastic, great representation of Scottish Culture and History!

Breeze Guthrie, Clan Guthrie

"Excellent performances and music selection. Truly enjoyed the experience and show."

Nicholas Davidson

"A perfect blend of music, song, dance, and education of the vanished Highland culture. Slightly reminiscent of Riverdance and Lord of the dance but far more informative as explanations and origins represented to the audience."

Christopher Gummer

"Excellent entertainment . . . warmed the heart of a Scot!"

Doreen Livermon

“Amazing show! We love to explore and expose our kids to culture and music, and this show seemed like a great opportunity. I just didn’t expect the vibrant, exquisite talent from the musicians or the lovely, brilliant dancers.”

Christina Robeson

“A great show has the ability to connect with its audience, moving them through emotions of great joy and elation as well as heartbreaking pathos. Last night’s stirring performance evoked the full gamut of emotions from within me!”

Chris Guthrie Gummer

"We loved everything about the show, the music along with the dancing took us to our beloved Scotland instantly and throughout the evening!!"

Donna Walters

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