Clan Outreach Package

If your Clan wants more outreach opportunities to young families, then take advantage of this unique means to reach our captivated audience through our live shows and video broadcasts.

  • Your Clan featured in the Live Show, program, and the Video Broadcast
  • Only 20 Clan Sponsor packages are available
  • Packages start at $200 

We are a 501(c)3 charity nonprofit with a mission to promote Scottish cultural heritage to the youth with engaging programs! 

Clan Package Benefits

We know it's important for Clans and Societies to reach younger audiences for the sustainability of your mission.  We have ways to reach these younger audiences and plant seeds for tomorrow's growth. If you invest in the opportunities we provide, we save you time and get you results.

Increase awareness of your Clan or Society with audiences that haven't connected with their Scottish heritage yet. 

Audiences will learn through the 'Why join my Clan' newsletter and program article so you don't have to do the selling to them. 

Time saved with promotional efforts because we do the promotion for you.

Audiences have a direct link to you with their take-home programs that provide a listing to include your Clan.

The online video will remain available for new audiences to find and view keeping your Clan or Society's presence with each new viewing.

What you Get

Your Clan Featured

Your Clan name will be announced during the Highland Echoes show. The show opens with a special pipe tune  'Calling the Clans'. This is when your clan will be announced and your tartan, crest, and Clan name will be prominently featured on the stage screen.

Program Inclusion

Our NEW Keepsake program is full of Scottish historical and cultural articles.

The program constructed of a thick quality paper and timeless Scottish photos will be a treasure for audiences to keep for years to come.

Features about Scottish music, art, legends and history will dominate the program.

Social Media inclusion

Your clan name and crest will be shared via our socials as a supporter of the show. We use facebook and instagram only. We also request your facebook and instagram handles so that we can tag and mention you. 

Website Inclusion

Your Clan crest, name and website will be included on our website resource page.

VIP Clan Labeled Seating*

Sit together with your Clansmen in reserved VIP Seats with your Clan Name. We encourage you all to wear your Tartan and reserve spaces for all who may attend. Imagine audiences recognizing their family name in the show and then seeing the representation of clansmen all together cheering for their family.

*Select Packages Only

4 VIP Reception Tickets*

The VIP Reception is held before the show in the beautiful community room overlooking the city of Boone. The event includes complimentary drinks, heavy hors d'oeuvre, and our special gift bags!

*The Reception is currently on hold due, but we are replacing this value with a 1/4 page ad in our program. 

The Video Broadcast

As an added bonus, the entire show including 'Calling the Clans' will be broadcasted via YouTube and Facebook. You can also have a digital copy of the entire show for you own Clan Usage.

Sponsor Support from Clans, Societies and Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

"The tradition, stories, language, music. The feelings the voices and instruments invoke are amazing. Learning about the historic past and the strength of the people gives me a shared pride and humble heart."

Brenda Feutz

"Excellent performances and music selection. Truly enjoyed the experience and show."

Nicholas Davidson

"A perfect blend of music, song, dance, and education of the vanished Highland culture. Slightly reminiscent of Riverdance and Lord of the dance but far more informative as explanations and origins a represent ed to the audience. "

Christopher Gummer

"Excellent entertainment . . . warmed the heart of a Scot!"

Doreen Livermon

Summer 2022 Show Dates

July 7, 2022

The Highland Echoes Show Only (No VIP reception. If you choose this night you will not have the chance to attend a VIP reception)

July 8, 2022

VIP Reception Night


July 9, 2022

The Highland Echoes Show Only (No VIP reception. If you choose this night you will not have the chance to attend a VIP reception)

July 10, 2022

The Highland Echoes Show Only (No VIP reception. If you choose this night you will not have the chance to attend a VIP reception)

where does Highland Echoes allocate funds

Highland Echoes is now responsible for the upkeep, promotions, additions and relationships with Scotland In The Class. Learn More about FREE Educational Unit, Scotland In The Class. 

Highland Echoes supports the presentation of cultural arts programs that promote a thriving Scottish culture. The largest component of this funding is presenting the show Highland Echoes which creates job opportunities for professional dancers and musicians while promoting the Scottish diaspora culture to more audiences. 

Highland Echoes also grants schools the opportunity to receive an assembly held at their school where students learn about Scottish culture through music & dance programming. 

At the core of our efforts is a business mindset where professional teachers, dancers, musicians and industry experts are paid for their work. This creates sustainable projects and supports the Scottish cultural business industry.  We do rely heavily on volunteers, but we also value the professional work especially those of Scottish dancers and Celtic Musicians whose lives have been dedicated to supporting Scottish cultural initiatives.

Call us with inquires at 910 338 0787 or email [email protected]

Keep in mind that it's our mission to promote Scottish culture and that includes your organization. We want to find ways to bring your more members and help Scottish cultural organizations thrive.

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