The Highland Echoes Show

The Appalachian Theater of the High Country | Boone NC | July 7 - 10th, 2022

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The Highland Echoes Show

Appalachian theater of the High Country
Boone NC
July 7-10th, 2022


Highland Echoes Workshops

Workshops for festivals and events on Scots Gaelic Song, Highland Dance, Ceilidh Dance, Scots Appalachian song, Piping, and more! For kids or adults!


Scotland In The Class

Our totally free curriculum-based unit on Scottish culture for Elementary schools.

Chris Guthrie Gummer

“A great show has the ability to connect with its audience, moving them through emotions of great joy and elation as well as heartbreaking pathos. Last night’s stirring performance evoked the full gamut of emotions from within me!”

Donna Walters

"We loved everything about the show, the music along with the dancing took us to our beloved Scotland instantly and throughout the evening!!"

Our Story

We believe experiencing cultural heritage is beneficial for all ages. We believe that a thriving Scottish culture amongst the Scottish diaspora starts with education and inspiration. Collectively, our Scottish heritage makes our culture stronger. We believe that united, we can have stronger individual communities and can have a long-lasting effect on a thriving presence of Scottish cultural traditions.

In Education, we believe that students deserve the opportunity to benefit from cultural heritage to build self-confidence, increasing awareness of diversity and give an opportunity to connect to Scottish heritage. It’s our dream that every child has the opportunity to engage in culturally responsive educational and artistic experiences.

In Performances, we believe that cultural arts provide inspiration that moves people to take action and become a part of something greater than themselves.

Highland Echoes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to promote Scottish Culture and Traditions. We have a focus on reaching the youth through educational programming in the schools and by providing inspiring shows with our world class group of dancers and musicians.

Sponsor Support from Clans, Societies and Businesses

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