Scottish Culture in Education

“…It inspired the kids to go beyond the unit and investigate their own heritage, ethnic clothing, and playful solo singing. My principal happened to sit in on one of the lessons and was absolutely fascinated! She loved it!”

Karen Clark – Episcopal Collegiate School, Arkansas.

Scotland In The Class

Recently updated to provide all students and teachers with FREE access to Scotland at home remote learning resources due to Covid-19.


National Standards aligned

Teachers have standards to follow in their curriculum. Scotland In The Class identifies core standards in each lesson provided.

Lessons for all

With over 32 lessons in the celebration unit, teachers get access to Music, PE, Art, Language Arts, and Social studies tailored for each grade level.

Online Access

Scotland in the Class is a living online document of lesson plans, materials, activities with updates and support for teachers. Most recently Scotland At Home has been added to support remote learners due to Covid-19 school restrictions. 

Make a gift & keep Scottish culture thriving

We count on donations, sponsors and grants to fund Scottish educational programs.

What Teachers are saying about Scotland In the Class

"I never knew anything about waulking before, but this has taught me so much!  Through this unit the kids get some great cultural exposure, interesting foreign language, a deeper way to think about work and community, creative lyric writing, working together on a task, and an appreciation for what has come before.  I love that there are so many extensions all included, from videos to teaching audio, to Maps and flags, to additional language lessons."

Karen Clark

"It is well organized and presented in a way that students and teachers enjoy learning about the heritage of Scotland."

Mandy Bailey

"The lessons were very organized, comprehensive, and engaging for the students. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Kelly Meyer


"This year our school has chosen The Waterhorse as our One School One Book event. The setting of the story is Scotland. Connections to reading, writing, math, science and social studies throughout this school event will only add to the student engagement.”

Kimberly Rollins - Alfred Elementary School

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