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Originals... Echoes the Tradition

In the enchanting realm of Highland Echoes, the echoes of Scotland's rich heritage come alive through the evocative notes and rhythms of a remarkable soundtrack. Crafted by the brilliant minds of Jennifer Licko, the illustrious winner of the 2014 Celtic Album of the Year, and Patrick Mangan, former musical director and fiddle virtuoso of Riverdance for over a decade, this musical masterpiece weaves a captivating tale that transcends time and borders.

The production and arrangement of the soundtrack were entrusted to the seasoned British producer and keyboard maestro, Bob Noble. Adding his expertise to the mix, the acclaimed Mike Paxman took charge of the mixing and mastering, ensuring that every melody and harmony resonated with impeccable clarity. Mangan, drawing from his invaluable experience with Riverdance, flawlessly recorded the fiddle parts, infusing the soundtrack with his unparalleled artistry. Accompanying this symphony of sounds, Cassandra Calo, a master piper, bestowed her ethereal notes upon the music, while the enchanting voice of Jennifer Licko breathed life into the heartfelt lyrics. 

The heartbeat of Highland Echoes pulses through the expert drumming and percussive rhythms created by the immensely talented Daniel Gohn, an esteemed international percussionist and drummer hailing from Brazil. With his vast knowledge and skill, honed through his role as a revered teacher at The University of Sao Carlos, Gohn brings a dynamic energy to the soundtrack, elevating the music to new heights.

Delving deep into the annals of Scottish lore, the music of Highland Echoes tells a tale that stretches across continents. Drawing inspiration from legends, historical events, and the migration of the Scottish people to far-flung lands such as Ireland, the Carolinas, Nova Scotia in Canada, and even Argentina, this soundtrack is a vibrant tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Scottish diaspora.

While paying homage to traditional pieces, Highland Echoes is primarily an opus of original compositions that ingeniously blend traditional elements with a modern twist, captivating contemporary audiences. A harmonious fusion of old and new, this extraordinary soundtrack captures the essence of Scotland's musical traditions, rejuvenating them for a new era.

Among the many gems in this auditory journey, "An Dannsa Gaidhig" stands tall as an instrumental dance tune, composed entirely by Jennifer Licko. Celebrating the opening of the show, the strathspey and reel reverberate through pipes and fiddle, accompanied by a mesmerizing 30-second vocal instrumental segment, a nod to traditional mouth music (puirt a beul) sung in Scots Gaelic.

Another notable composition, "Hector," narrates the legendary tale of the eponymous ship, the vessel that carried hopeful migrants to Canada. Despite its dilapidated state, the ship's passengers found solace and strength in the presence of an enigmatic bagpipe player who boarded without paying his fare. This enchanting story is told through a soul-stirring collaboration between Jennifer Licko's entrancing vocals and Cassandra Calo's haunting pipes.

The soundtrack also explores Scotland's darker chapters, giving voice to the tales of the Witch Trials in "Woman of Mystery," the captivating Selkie Legend in "The Selkie Girl," and the transformative Ulster Reformations in "These Islands." Additionally, traditional hornpipes and jigs are reimagined in unique and unconventional forms, showcasing the ever-changing echoes of the Highlands as they resonate through diverse landscapes.

Highland Echoes beckons listeners to embark on a spellbinding journey, where they will be transported to distant lands and entwined with the vivid threads of Scottish heritage. Through the artistry of Jennifer Licko, Patrick Mangan, Bob Noble, and the entire creative team, this musical masterpiece preserves the spirit of Scotland's past, ensuring that its echoes resound for generations to come.

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Mike Paxman


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NEW for 2023

The Selkie Girl

The Selkie Girl

Lyrics and Music by Jennifer Licko
Produced by Bob Noble and Mike Paxman

This is a unique original song inspired by the legend of the Selkie from Scotland. The powerful melody and vivid imagery transport the listener to the country's rocky shores and evoke emotion as they explore the mystical creature's ancient story. The dreamy strings, angelic harp sounds, and emotive lyrics combine to create an unforgettable song that will move and captivate the listener.

The captivating legend of the Scottish Selkie has inspired countless stories through the ages. This mysterious creature is a seal that can shed its skin and take human form when it arrives on land. Such stories often revolve around the Selkie falling in love with another human, starting a family, and living a full life on land. However, the Selkie's longing for the sea often overtakes them, and they struggle to find their seal skin which has been hidden, stolen, or even burnt by someone who doesn't want them to leave and return to the sea. 

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The Selkie Girl Credits

  • Jennifer Licko - Vocals
  • Mike Paxman - Audio Mixing, Bass,Acoustic and Electric Guitars
  • Bob Noble - arrangements and keyboards
  • Patrick Mangan - Fiddle
  • Daniel Gohn - Percussion and Drums
NEW for 2023

These Islands

These Islands

Lyrics and Music by Jennifer Licko
Produced by Andy Karg

“These Islands” as the title of the song refers to Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. Licko embarked on a daring quest to capture the essence of the profound and tumultuous history of the Ulster Plantations. With thunderous drums and blazing bagpipes, she composed a piece as majestic as the weight the subject carried. This was no mere chapter in the annals of time; it was a chapter etched with indelible significance. Licko knew the melodies had to echo the depths and complexities of the Scots and Irish coexisting amidst turbulent tides. The lyrics, "like rocks and stones collide, the water wears me down," convey a powerful message, evoking the unwavering resilience of the Scots and Irish amidst their struggles against the relentless pressure exerted by the British, akin to the ceaseless erosion of objects in the vast sea.

These Islands

These Islands Credits

  • Lyrics and Music by Jennifer Licko
  • Produced by Andy Karg
  • Mixing and Mastering by Chris Furst
  • Jennifer Licko - Vocals
  • Cassandra Calo - Highland Bagpipes
  • Andy Karg - Electric Guitars
  • Patrick Mangan - Fiddle
  • Daniel Gohn - Percussion and Drums
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