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Make a donation

Highland Echoes is a nonprofit accepting tax-deductible donations. We depend on your support to get this magnificent show on a stage where thousands of audience members will have the opportunity to engage in their Scottish diaspora culture.

Become a patron or sponsor

Clans, Businesses and Patrons can show their support for the Scottish cultural arts and the diaspora community by becoming a sponsor of the show. We have several options to choose from!

Help support our educational initiatives

Contribute to the free Elementary school educational program, Scotland In the Class.  You will be supporting the growth of the Scottish Diaspora community directly to students, teachers, and parents.

Sponsor Support from Clans, Societies and Businesses

where does Highland Echoes allocate funds

Highland Echoes is now responsible for the upkeep, promotions, additions and relationships with Scotland In The Class. Learn More about FREE Educational Unit, Scotland In The Class. 

Highland Echoes supports the presentation of cultural arts programs that promote a thriving Scottish culture. The largest component of this funding is presenting the show Highland Echoes which creates job opportunities for professional dancers and musicians while promoting the Scottish diaspora culture to more audiences. 

Highland Echoes also grants schools the opportunity to receive an assembly held at their school where students learn about Scottish culture through music & dance programming. 

At the core of our efforts is a business mindset where professional teachers, dancers, musicians and industry experts are paid for their work. This creates sustainable projects and supports the Scottish cultural business industry.  We do rely heavily on volunteers, but we also value the professional work especially those of Scottish dancers and Celtic Musicians whose lives have been dedicated to supporting Scottish cultural initiatives.


A Thriving Scottish Diaspora

We believe that students deserve the opportunity to benefit from cultural heritage to build self-confidence, increasing awareness of diversity, and to connect to Scottish heritage. It’s our dream that every child has the opportunity to engage in culturally responsive educational and artistic experiences.


Keeping the traditions alive

By providing Scottish Cultural Arts performances, we believe that the arts move people to take action and become a part of something greater than themselves.  We are connecting people to their heritage through the medium of arts, and nothing is more powerful than inspirational entertainment through the arts.

School Program Testimonials

"Jennifer performed for two groups at our elementary school (Grades K-2 and 3-5). Everyone was pleased and excited about her program - the students, teachers, administration, PTA and parents. The feedback that I received was about students going home and dancing for their parents and speaking a bit of Gaelic. One the teachers told me that it was the best Cultural Arts program that they had ever seen."

- Robbin Smith
Huntersville Elementary School
Huntersville, NC

"This Morning Jennifer Licko performed for our k-2 grade students and our 3-5 grade students. Both performances were age appropriate and engaging. Jennifer provided information in a manner that each group could easily comprehend. Her musical selections were of excellent quality. Not only did Jennifer know how to relate to our students, but she was also able to easily regain their attention following more participatory segments of her program. She arrived well in advance of the performances and was very well organized. I would strongly recommend her to other schools seeking to inform their students about North Carolina's Scottish heritage."

-Linda Ferguson
Haw Creek Elementary
Ashville, NC


Call us with questions

Making personal connections is very important to us! Please call us to find out more if you are unsure of how Highland Echoes is supporting Scottish heritage and culture.

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