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The Official Highland Echoes Tartan

The official Highland Echoes Tartan represents the positive energy felt through Scottish cultural heritage. 

Scotland is made up of hundreds of islands and therefore the water element in various shades of blue is a dominating feature of the country. The Aqua, the deep navy, and the royal blues found in the Highland Echoes tartan all represent the various shades of waters that were traveled by thousands of Scottish people when migrating to other lands. The burnt yellow represents the high energy of Scottish culture which can be heard and felt in the Highland bagpipes and seen in the Highland Dance. The white in the tartan represents the clarity and peace we feel today knowing that we can be proud of who we are and where we came from without hatred for others. Knowing that we are better and stronger because we have all learned from our past.

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The Highland Echoes Summer Tartan

Inspired by the Coastal Carolinas where many Scottish settled in the 1700s! This Highland Echoes Summer Tartan highlights the lighter shades of blue to represent the shallow coastal waters around the Eastern North Carolina and the colors of the waters from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. The warmth of the gulf stream which is a common denominator of both the Carolinas and western Scotland is communicated through the cool summer tones of this tartan.

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