Highland Echoes is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit with a mission to promote Scottish Culture and Traditions. We have a focus on reaching the youth through Educational programing in the schools and by providing inspiring shows with our world class group of dancers and musicians.

What We Do

In Education

Providing Schools and Teachers with
resources to teach Scotland
in the Class

Highland Echoes is currently working to provide 100 schools with Scotland In The Class, a Cultural Celebration Unit that complies with Core Curriculum and National Standards. Learn More
Highland Echoes provides funding for schools to have access to 'Scotland in the Class', a Cultural Understanding and celebration unit on Scotland for grades k-5.

Free Scots Dialect Children's Song Bundle!

Free Scots Dialect Children's Song Bundle
Highland Echoes, The Show

Reaching audiences all of generations
with an inspiring performance of Scottish
Music and dance.

After the success of the Launch tour in November of 2018, Highland Echoes is expanding and planning to reach more cities! Stay Updated on Tour Information


Highland Echoes is partnering
with Scottish Organizations & Businesses
to help promote the Scottish Culture.

Your organization can become a tour sponsor or an educational sponsor.

Highland Echoes is a non-profit 501(c)(3) working to increase interest in Scottish traditions and culture accross all generations. Our educational initiatives and our performances are created to honor the tradition and inspire others to get involved in their local Scottish communities.

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“We loved everything about the show, the music along with the dancing took us to our beloved Scotland instantly and throughout the evening!!“

Donna Walters

How To Help

Highland Echoes is currently sponsoring Schools to have a program called 'Scotland In The Class'. It's a curriculum based unit for k-5 Schools celebrating the Scottish culture and traditions in reading, social studies, PE, Art and Music.

Please make a small monthly donation here: Donate Now!

Contact us at Info @ Highland Echoes dot Com to become a sponsorship partner.

“Amazing Show! We love to explore and expose our kids to culture and music, and this show seemed like a great opportunity. I just didn't expect the vibrant, exquisite talent from the musicians or the lovely, brilliant dancers..“

Christina Roloson

About The Founder, JENNIFER LICKO

"Performing Scottish music, dance and language is about connections. I am an American with Scottish heritage and I am connected to the Scottish culture in a way that thousands of other Americans are connected. I created Highland Echoes to honor and preserve these meaningful traditions that belong to you, me and countless others.""


"Jennifer Licko could very well be the heir-apparent to Canada’s Loreena McKennitt and Clannad’s Moya Brennan