Online Tools that make us #highlandhappy

Online Tools that make us #highlandhappy

What online tools will help your business or organization grow? You do not need many tools, there are tons out there. We've found the ones that work well and aren't difficult to learn!

By belonging to a group, we feel as if we are a part of something bigger and more important than ourselves. (2)


We are sharing some of our favorite tools to use online. The ones that make life SO MUCH easier for emails, websites, graphics, social media and more!


If you are not using an email service provider then you aren't providing a service for your members or event attendees. In today's online world, this THE very first need or your business. A proper and legal email list. We like flodesk because of their simple to use platform and their pricing structure.

By using our affiliate link, you will get the $39 per month service for only $19 per month!

Start a free trial with flodesk and get the $19 pricing here.  


Website Domain and Hosting

My favorite domain and hosting company (basically rental of your online website space). AMAZING customer service! Here you can buy your domain name (your and park it in a space online (the hosting part).

Use Bluehost!


Payment Processing & Online Store

Having an online store can help bring in more consistent revenue and attract new members. Shopify is our platform of choice as well as over a million businesses throughout the world.

Start Free Trial!


Create GREAT graphics

A Free online tool to create all your social media and promotional graphics. Easy to use. No graphic design experience needed because they have ready made template for you!



Legal Protection

This is probably the BEST suggestion I have. If you don't do anything else with your website, please do this to protect your organization. If you use Bobby's templates it will take about an hour of your time, and could save you a lot of trouble in the future. 🙂

Get Bobby's Free Privacy Policy here


Website Builder

Free online website builder. So simple to use! There is also a paid version with more features. The designs are up to date and responsive for use across all devices.

Try it out


Need One on One help?

If your organization is ready to make a change, but you need support in choosing the right online tools, then schedule a free meeting so we can help get you started!

Ready to start your strategic planning?

Let us help save you a lot of time and frustration with our strategic planning sessions. We offer a package of 4 one hour sessions. Your team members can attend also. In the sessions, we will identify the goals of your organization, identify which online tools can help you meet those goals, and how to get started in simple steps without tech overwhelm.

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