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Know where to start when picking out a kilt, attending your first Scottish Festival or have an interest in Scots Gaelic? We are here to help! All of these recommendations come from personal one on one interactions. We only recommend companies and services that we know and trust.

Walkers Shortbread of Scotland

Walkers has been making original and genuine pure butter Scottish Shortbread for 120 years. At a time when authenticity is of upmost importance, we are still a family-run business, staying true to our original, 4 ingredient recipe: butter, flour, sugar and salt. We bake our Shortbread in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. In its distinctive tartan packaging, Walkers has many varieties and sizes to choose from, whether it be the traditional Fingers, Rounds, and Petticoat Tails to Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chunk Shortbread. We also make a wide range of other Scottish delicacies such as mince pies, tarts and cakes. Our products contain no artificial flavors, colors or additives, and are certified Kosher OUD. The name Walkers is recognized as a mark of excellence worldwide, and a true, Scottish classic.

Raleigh school of Scottish Dance Raleigh's Home for Scottish Dance Instruction and more

Erin Bartow is a Fellow Scottish Dance Teacher with the Brittish Association of Teachers of Dance, where she has been teaching Scottish Highland Dance for 14 years. She is available for on site classes around the Triangle where she caters to different Homeschooling Co-Ops, as well as for performances. Her goal is to provide her dancers with the highest level of training in Scottish Highland Dancing.

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The Celtic Classroom: Scotland in the Class

Teacher training and resources to teach the national standards using Scottish Culture and traditions. Scotland in the Class is a unit integrated throughout all subjects for elementary schools. Created by teachers and administrators, the lessons are fully scripted, with step by step plans, includes all materials and online support.

Download a free lesson from the unit here

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St. Andrew's Society of North Carolina

The St. Andrew's Society of North Carolina was formed in order to venerate our Scottish beginnings; perpetuate its values of culture and integrity that characterized our ancestors, promote a fellowship among Scottish kith and kin in North Carolina, extend assistance and counsel to unfortunates amongst our clans, encourage Scots everywhere to delve deeper into the colorful Scottish history and proud traditions, in our State as well as the rest of the world, which was the hallmark of the Apostle of Old from whom our name derives.

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Buying a kilt!

Interested in buying a kilt? We are currently putting together some options for you from a wonderful kilt making company made in the USA! Their kilts stand out as being just as good if not better than kilts made in the UK. The company is called USA kilts and you can certainly go check them out and see their quality for yourself. Highland Echoes is not an affiliate of USA Kilts but we plan to work with them to created products in our Highland Echoes tartan in the near future which we plan to sell.

For a super economical option, I did find a kilt package ready to go! Kilt buying is different for everyone depending on what you are looking for and how often you will be wearing it. If you want a decent starter set you can get a good price at amazon and there are several options to choose from.

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