Give teachers Standards based Lesson Plans & Resources
to teach Scottish Culture

Thank you to our Partners in Education!

We partnered with The Cultural Classroom to give schools their 'Scotland in the Class' Unit at a deeply discounted rate.

Scottish Organizations provide funding for schools to receive the lifetime school program. The standards based lesson plans that schools receive meet curriculum needs to learn about Scottish culture and traditions.

We also partner with Bappipe bands and dance schools to offer schools resources when looking for an interative experience with Scottish culture in the schools

About our educational sponsor, Scottish Heritage USA

Enhancing the bonds of ancestral and national character between the peoples of Scotland and North America by furthering the exchange of ideas and connections between our two countries.

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SCOTTISH HERITAGE USA was founded in 1965 by Ward Melville “to recognize and enhance the original bonds of ancestral and national character among the peoples of Scotland and North America; and to disseminate knowledge of their respective cultural heritages; and in furtherance of such purposes to support the preservation of historic sites, the maintenance of centers of artistic and literary endeavor and such other activities as may be appropriate”.

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Pass on Scottish culture to our younger generations

Supported by SHUSA


  • Silverdale Elementary School, Jacksonville NC
  • Nashville Elementary School, Nashville NC
  • Peterson Elementary School, Redsprings, NC

Supported by The Celtic Classroom


  • Escola Americana De Campinas

Funding Needed


We have a waiting list of over 150 schools

  • Reynolds Arthur Academy
  • Ridge View Elementary
  • Alfred Elementary School
  • Lyman Elementary School
  • Highlands Elementary
  • West-mont Montessori
  • Heights elementary
  • Standing Rock Middle School
  • Abbotts Hill Elementary
  • Austin Elementary School
  • Riverview East Academy
  • East Wake Academy
  • South Gibson County Elementary School
  • Village Meadows Elementary
  • Emmerton Elementary
  • Mr.Allen Language School
  • Crestview Elementary
  • Mt. Pulaski Grade School
  • LeMaster Homeschool
  • David City Public Schools
  • Sartori Elementary
  • Elmonica Elementary
  • Union Park Charter Academy
  • Sequoyah Elementary School