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from the SOHDA blog... "For pure vitality and pleasure in movement, there is nothing to compare with Highland Dancing. Originating in rituals of various kinds, preparations for battle and celebrating after victory, it is an observance and demonstration of male strength and physical fitness. What better sight lifts the heart of the Scot than the sound of the highland bagpipes accompanying a kilted dancer, swaying and pirouetting in motion to the strains of traditional airs."

Charlie Mill

Highland Dance


Highland Echoes is committed to traditional Highland Dance steps presented through choreography to tell the story.

 Movement through dance is an artistic expression. Stories, legends, and history are all represented through Highland dance. We connect to those elements through our emotions felt through dance.

Without the creativity of expression, there is no connection. We strive for creative expression through Highland Dance and Music to tell your Scottish story. The story of the Scottish diaspora.

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Can I audition for the show?

By collaborating with Fling Together Collective auditions are open for our next promotional video for the 2022 tour.  

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The dances in our show

Highland Echoes Choreographies use traditional steps to create innovative and expressive performances.

From the moment the show begins, audiences feel the explosive energy of the dancers whether they are in the traditional attire or performance costumes. 

The show embraces the traditional legends told through dance such as Flora MacDonald's Boat journey with Bonnie Prince Charlie and the fate of those who touch the sword during dance before battle.  The Scottish diaspora in Canada, United States, and Argentina is represented through costume, movements, and music. 

The Echoes of the Highlands reflect the environment there in but start from the same source....Scotland.

Meet The Highland Echoes Lead Dancers

Sandy Gribbin

Sandra Gribbin

Meghan Stangl

Megan Stangl


Erin Bartow


Clare Christensen

Meet the Highland Echoes Dance Company

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