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The 5 Big Mistakes Scottish Organizations are making with their events

I want to start by stating that I know a lot of Scottish organizations doing a lot of things right! In fact, I’ve been to so many well-organized events that I have a small collection of things that each event does so well that it’s worth sharing with other organizations. So this is meant to help those who aren’t seeing attendance at their winter ceilidhs, Caledonia Balls and Burns nights…and maybe even monthly meetings. In this article, you’ll get 5 actionable tips that you can use for your next event.

1. Your Website does not reflect an up to date design and functions like an website from 1999:
One thing that surely keeps people away is when organizations and businesses don’t have a responsive website with current information, and a person to contact. Have a solid and reliable website and even better a landing page for that event alone. A place where everyone can get all of the information about the location, date, time and how to get tickets. When you are 3 months away from your event, their should be a VERY clear call to action on the home page of your site to get more information about the upcoming event. Please do not use your facebook page as your website.

Instagram Quick Start using Canva Templates

Creating an engaging Instagram posts takes time, but here are some time-saving tips on how to implement Instagram into your organization or business.

Competition is tough – more than 71 percent of U.S. businesses are using the platform to grow their brands. But, I can tell you from my experience following and engaging with other Scottish organizations and businesses on Instagram, your competition isn’t super high, but you need to get into the game.

Why? Because it’s where your potential new members, your potential attendees, and potential clients are. So how can you consistently deliver incredible Instagram posts without hiring a social media expert or graphic designer?

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